Corner racing: An impressive online betting strategy


Corner racing: An impressive online betting strategy

Online betting strategies

How can corner racing help you when online betting on cricket or other sports?

The corner race is a online betting market that, for many, goes completely unnoticed. In fact, many bettors don't even know what it is. However, it is in this fun88 market where you can find odds that attract a lot of attention.

The first thing to clarify is what is corner running; it is one fun88 more market, as can be both teams score or the over 2.5 goals.

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In the corner kick race market, we bet that a team will get to 3, 5, 7 or 9 corner kicks first. Of course, we can also opt for the option that none of them reach those numbers, but this is something people do not use very often.

If a team has already exceeded several corners, say five, it is no longer possible to bet on the run to three corners or the run to five. It seems obvious, but many people ask. Secondly, if only one corner is missing for a race, the race disappears.

For example, if one of the teams reaches four corners, it will no longer be possible to bet on the race to 5 corners. In other words, for us to be able to bet on this market, both teams must be at least 2 corners away.

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How does the strategy work?

We are clear about what is the race to corners market. Now, it's time to talk about the strategy. Every strategy has its parameters and entry rules. If talking about trading, we also have exit rules, but this is not the case.

What is the scenario we are looking for using this market? Basically, what we want is that a team that is the favorite, is not winning the match, but is pushing the rival team as much as possible.

Depending on whether there are 2 or 3 corners left for the next corner race, the odds will be higher.

The odds are often high and that implies a lower percentage of success.

Perfect scenario to use it

There are two scenarios when it comes to using the race to corners. The optimal one is the one where we have a heavily favored team (the more, the better) that is losing.

If they score a goal they are not ahead yet. And, if the underdog is winning, it tends to be even more inclined to close in. The more favored, the better.

Here are the exact parameters that you can use to validate an entry to a corner race:

  2. Pre-match home favorite odds: 2.00 or less
  3. Home losing
  4. Minute of the match: from 65 to 85
  5. Home possession: 55% or higher
  6. Shots on target for home side: More than away side
  7. Shots on target by home team: More than away team
  8. Home corners: More than visitors
  9. No red cards for the home team
  10. Home attacks and dangerous attacks by the home team: More than the away team
  11. Minimum odds: 1.80

All these conditions come to look for a clear scenario. The home side is pressing a lot and that usually translates into corners

If all these conditions are met, we make the entry to the next available corner race. For example, if the home team takes 4 corners, we would enter the race at 7. If they take 5, we might enter the race at 7 corners, etc.

Good, but not optimal scenarios

Over time, you learn that there are a couple of variants that are more than valid, (and I use them) but they are not the optimal scenario we just saw. Basically, they boil down to two: The home team is tying, not losing.

If the home team draws, a goal puts them ahead. This usually results in less pressure and therefore fewer corner kicks. If they are drawing, the pressure will be there, but the margin is smaller as far as the score is concerned. One of the parameters does not fit 100%.

It can happen (and it will happen) that all the parameters are met and there is one that misses by very little. For example, everything is met but the home team has 54% possession instead of 55%.

The advice is that if something does not meet everything, then it does not meet everything. As you gain experience, you will know better how to discern good entries and you will be able to take some "off-script" entries, but at the beginning it is not recommended at all. You have your parameters, so stick to them.

The combination of discipline and strategy: the key when online betting

Discipline is key when online betting, but the more you use a strategy, the more you can optimize it and the more you learn.

When starting with online betting, people don't go into games where the home side is trailing by more than two goals. The pressure is not the same and there will always be time to re-evaluate the entry if the home side cuts the deficit.

As mentioned above, it is advisable to use minimum odds of 1.80. Therefore, try to avoid entries at odds of 1.44 or 1.50. Although corner kicks are events that occur more than goals, consider that in many cases it is not worth the risk for so little profit.

Furthermore, never discriminate high odds. It's possible that everything comes together in the 85th minute and the odds on the next race are 8.5 or 10.

If it is part of the strategy; don't panic because they are high odds. In fact, a couple of corners in the final minutes is not far-fetched and the odds are usually juicy. In short, don’t discriminate high odds.

Stake management

Experts have used variable stake (if the local was losing or tying), unit impact (we will talk about this kind of management), etc. But so far, the flat stake is what has worked best.

Bet a maximum of 2% per bet. Using minimum odds of 1.80, you will approximately have an average odd of 3. Therefore, you will hit between 35% and 40% in a good month and between 25% and 30% in a bad month.

This means that it is a strategy in which you can have several failures in a row. This is not uncommon, as it is a high average odd. With 2% per bet, we minimize the risk of losing 50% below 1%. No stakes 5 or 10. Long term.

Valid alternatives

Not all bookmakers have the race to corners market. What to do then? A very useful alternative is simply, when they meet all the parameters, go to the line of more than X corners. People use it when, for example, the home team is losing and has already exceeded the barrier of 9 corners.

As a recommendation, it is best to enter, at most, that there will be 3 more corners. If the line is 4 corners or more away, you might  wait for a shot. And if it goes away, another one will come.

Another option, if you don't have the corner market in your bookmaker, is to bet that the favorite will win if he draws or will draw or win if he loses by one goal. It's not the most common alternative, but a lot of people do it and even complement this with the race.

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Tips for online betting

  2. 1.Take a risk on a reliable and secure site: Investors take the risk of losing or winning when placing bets, this is part of the regulatory dynamics of the betting world. However, there are a good number of platforms available on the Internet that are not reliable, so it is a real challenge to choose the right one. A good alternative for Asian bettors is FUN88, a bookie which has lots of benefits and bonuses, especially for those who practice onlinecricketbetting
  4. 2. Finding a safe online betting site: As mentioned above, there are many online betting sites in the market, so it is not advisable to choose one in haste. Make sure that it meets all the security standards, operates under license and has international permissions to provide this type of services, especially when betting on mayor events like olympic games
  6. 3. Online betting offer according to your tastes: Analyze the offer available at the bookmaker of your choice, contrast the different options according to the types of online, events like Olympic games, betting modalities, markets, bonuses, promotions, and payment methods promised by each platform to avoid disappointment in the future.
  8. 4. Focus on the sport you know: Improvised bets on unfamiliar online can end in defeat, leading to loss of time and money. Focus your predictions on known online events, without losing objectivity when defining a online prediction.
  10. 5. Try combined bets: Combined bets can be a profitable option without having to invest large sums of money. Take your time to analyze the statistics or results of previous matches and select 3 or 4 matches with a high probability of success, especially on major events such as Olympic games
  12. This type of ipl betting presents little risk and high probabilities of winning money, but do not abuse in the number of bets because it could be counterproductive. Remember that you must bet with moderation and set limits, responsible and conscious Online gambling guarantees fun without hurting your pocket.

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